Wholesale Stone Restaurant Tables

Our collection of natural stone restaurant tables can transform your location from a drab copy of every other eatery, into a memorable space that will stand out as being classic, classy, and elegant, long after patrons have shuffled off to home. Made from real natural stone, our wholesale restaurant tables each have a unique beauty, that ranges in color giving a personality not only to every piece, but also to the surrounding environment they are placed in.

Our natural stone restaurant tables are also much more functional than most stone tables. This is because of the light weight, waterproof core, which makes them immune to central cracking, and much lighter and easier to move around than most stone pieces. The surface of these tables is also treated multiple times with a powerful penetrating chemical sealer, that clogs the pores and protects them from stains.

If you are looking for wholesale pricing on outdoor restaurant tables or patio tables, then you should contact us for a quote. All of our stone tables are built and manufactured specifically to handle outdoor weather conditions. We can even include an optional umbrella hole so that you can keep your customers cool in the shade all summer long.

These tables are also perfect for interior locations, especially in restaurants that already have natural stone tile or faux stone flooring. The look of the mountain born materials gracing the upper and lower surfaces will create a refreshing feeling throughout the space, emanating a sense of mountain born power.

We are also able to customize these tables to any size and shape that you need for your restaurant, cafe, bar, or tavern. We can also mix and match stone colors in various pieces, giving you the option to create the perfect pattern to match already existing architectural surfaces in the area. If you are looking for something specific, shoot us an email or give us a call to talk about your particular project.

We are happy to offer wholesale restaurant table pricing to businesses looking to purchase multiple pieces for their space. We can also offer a combination of natural stone table tops and matched bases, or you can purchase the tops separately and affix them to your own base using the included hardware. We make the process simple so you have plenty of options. Contact us for a wholesale table price quote today!