Square Coffee Tables

The line of square coffee tables that you see below is comprised of a variety of models and patterns, all of which are crafted from real, earth born materials. Every mosaic piece is hand cut to precise specifications and then laid perfectly in the pattern style of your choice, to create an exquisite piece that will adorn your family room for years to come.

Our coffee tables are unique because rather than featuring a solid stone core, our tables have a light weight, highly durable, waterproof core, which gives the spine of these pieces added strength and endurance that is not found in other stone coffee tables on the market. The mosaic chips lay upon this core, intricately placed and chosen for color and pattern to fit into the congruous whole of the pattern laid out by the design. These are exquisite and powerful pieces that will be sure to draw the attention and envy of all who see them.

Selena Square Coffee Tables

The Selena coffee tables represent a triumph of design, uniting disparate elements of match multicolored marble in a pattern of borders and broken stones, that creates an interplay of design that seems to almost move and flow across the dynamic surface of these exquisite and elegant stone coffee tables.

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Imperial Square Coffee Tables

Powerful bursts of mountain born beauty erupt through the surface of each and every piece of natural stone that is used in the face of these elegant natural mosaic coffee tables. The result is a collision of colors and multicolors that alight in glowing hues throughout the surface of each piece, giving it a unique and distinct personality that is unlike any other table in the entire world.

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Clarien Square Coffee Tables

Our square coffee tables are built to last, with an ultra light weight and durable core, as well as a series of surface sealer treatments that protect the surfaces of the tables stones from liquid and spills. Our coffee tables are built to withstand both interior and exterior stress elements.

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Castillo Square Coffee Tables

Brilliant inserts of bursting white hot lights, streaking like white lightning across the surface of the central medallions found on this attractive and elegant natural stone coffee table. Crafted from the finest polished marble materials, this piece features smooth polished stones, aligned in a geometric pattern to create a contrast between dark and light arcing white colors.

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Azul Square Coffee Tables

A unique coffee table design, the Azul combines the subtle shifting hues of natural Travertine, with bright blue glass mosaic chips, to create an interplay not only of color, but also of texture and form, that serves to make these pieces more engaging and vigorous.

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Ramses Square Coffee Tables

Our natural stone coffee tables are built to be some of the most light weight stone furnishings available anywhere. Crafted with stone layered over a light weight core, these tables only weight eight to ten pounds per square foot, as compared to other pieces that can be upwards of thirty to fifty pounds per square foot or more, depending on the thickness of the stone used in the coffee table.

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