Rectangular Stone Coffee Tables

Generally a rectangular stone coffee table is chosen in order to fill a long narrow living room or den space. The length of the table serves as a way of drawing the room together, offsetting the excess space while accommodating the lack of width in order to act as the support element of the environment. Our tables can be custom crafted to nearly any size and shape that you need, allowing you to custom create a piece which will fit into your common room perfectly.

Our stone tables are crafted using the finest high quality materials including mountain born slate, polished marble and granite, mosaic glass chips, and tumbled Travertine. Using a variety of colors and multicolors, these tables are hand cut, refined, and crafted by American artists, to custom create the perfect rectangular coffee table for your living area.

Irene Rectangular Stone Coffee Tables

Polished semi precious onyx mosaic chips are laid into a multicolored marble border to create a powerful surface of glistening colors.

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honey stone tables

Ramses Stone Coffee Tables

Rosy scroll work chains dance whimsically around the border of the stately stone centerpieces that act as the visual focus of these attractive coffee table designs.

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Imperial Rectangular Coffee Tables

All of our rectangular coffee tables are available as table tops, or built matched with natural stone table bases, allowing you to achieve a truly integrated look throughout the entire design of the table.

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Castillo Rectangular Coffee Tables

Dramatic green hued mosaic are the centerpiece of this powerful table, broken by bright hot white lights of arcing color, that explode in webbing patterns through the emblem centerpiece of the tables design.

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Selena Rectangular Stone Coffee Tables

The Selena coffee tables represent an interplay of design and pattern. Matched pieces of polished marble are broken and set a midst the middle of two matched borders.

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Liz Rectangular Tables

Exquisite subdued Travertine chips stretch languidly across the surface of these rectangular coffee tables, broken by contrasting points of design and color to create shifting subtleties of design.

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