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Mosaic Coffee Tables

The coffee tables found on this page are all crafted by hand using real pieces of mountain born natural stone. These pieces are crafted into precise mosaic chips, and then are laid in a pattern to create the stunning coffee tables that you see here. These exquisite coffee table designs are available standard in over […]

Rustic Coffee Tables

On this page you will see a wide variety of rustic, natural stone coffee table options. These are all custom crafted pieces, which are built to your exact specifications, ensuring that you get the perfect piece for your rustic lodge or cabin home decor. The materials used to create these tables are all mountain born, […]

Round Coffee Tables

The round coffee tables found below are hand crafted from real pieces of mountain born natural materials. When cut, refined, and turned into the individual mosaic chips found in these tables, they still retain a piece of the unique individuality of their natural heritage. Within the surface of our tables you will see dozens, if […]

Square Coffee Tables

The line of square coffee tables that you see below is comprised of a variety of models and patterns, all of which are crafted from real, earth born materials. Every mosaic piece is hand cut to precise specifications and then laid perfectly in the pattern style of your choice, to create an exquisite piece that […]

Rectangular Coffee Tables

Generally a rectangular coffee table is chosen in order to fill a long narrow living room or den space. The length of the table serves as a way of drawing the room together, offsetting the excess space while accommodating the lack of width in order to act as the support element of the environment. Our […]

Oval Coffee Tables

Our line of oval coffee tables are some of the most powerful and meaningful pieces that you can put into your living room or common area. Hand crafted from real pieces of earth born material, these tables are stunning elements of natural design, teeming with the thrumming power of a mountainside, which alights gently upon […]

Natural Stone Coffee Tables

Hand made in the United States by a team of skilled artisans and designers. Manufactured using precision cut pieces of multicolored natural stone material. Designed with a nearly indestructible, waterproof, light weight table core. Surface sealed multiple times to create a protective invisible layer over the stones. We can customize and build a natural stone […]

Unique Coffee Tables

One of the great things about the coffee tables and table tops found on this site is that they are all inherently unique pieces of natural art. That is because the stone chips that are used in their construction are all taken directly from the earth, and the individual characteristics in each piece are slightly […]

Coffee Table Tops

Below you will find our entire collection of natural mosaic stone coffee table tops. These tables tops have been crafted with a light weight, durable core, that allows you to attach a base of your choice to the bottom using a simple set of screws. The table tops are custom crafted by American artisans using […]

Round Coffee Tables

On this page you will find our entire collection of round natural stone coffee tables. These are all hand crafted in the United States by skilled artisans using the finest pieces of natural mountain born Slate, Marble, Onyx, and Granite. We can take any of the coffee table patterns that you see on this site, […]