Custom Stone Tables

Mosaic Stone TablesWe can custom manufacture a natural stone table for any space and virtually any need.

You pick the size and shape for the table. If it’s not one of our over a dozen standard designs, you can contact us to get a custom quote.

All table tops are sold separately from the bases allowing you to pick and choose the style of base you want. You can choose one of our wrought iron pillar stands, or one of the half dozen natural stone bases that we have available. We will custom craft the base to match the pattern chosen for the top of the piece.

Our natural stone tables are crafted using real mountain born materials, mounted on a highly durable, waterproof, light weight core. This makes our pieces lighter than any other stone furnishings on the market, and ensures that you don’t have to worry about major damage to the center of the piece.

You can call us at 1 866 STONE 16 or email us at to talk about building the perfect table for your needs.