Square Cocktail Tables

Here you will find a collection of our square, natural stone cocktail tables. These are great pieces for almost any living room, den, or family area, as they feature an exquisite natural stone design that can lend a sense of power and elegance to a space.

All of these tables can be custom crafted into virtually any size and shape you require and we are happy to arrange custom cocktail tables for your specific needs.

These tables are also treated with a penetrating sealing agent multiple times, to ensure that they can withstand outdoor conditions, making the surface of these pieces durable and resistant.

Imperial Square Cocktail Tables

A powerful, rustic pattern of contrasting Travertine and multicolored marble, creatures the surface of these exquisite cocktail tables. The result is a piece with the rustic beauty of the earth and the elegance of polished stone.

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Castillo Square Cocktail Tables

Borders of dark green polished marble settle around the dramatically contrasting surface of the marble medallion centerpieces, all of which feature the rich contrasting natural lines and colors found in multicolored marble stones.

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Ramses Square Cocktail Tables

One of our most formal and powerful designs, this features subdued Travertine square bordered and accented by chips of contrasting hue, which create loops and swirls of pattern that give interest and beauty to the surface of these powerful living room furnishings.

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Azul Square Cocktail Tables 

Soft off white Travertine chips, flowing with subdued clouds of tans and grays, are sparked with bursts of bright blue interest in the form of sharply contrasting bright blue chips, which act to draw the eyes and center them of the soft beauty of these cocktail tables.

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Selena Square Cocktail Tables 

Brilliant multicolored marble borders, are centered by cut chip pieces of matched stone, all of which are laid in an intricate pattern that forms a beautiful surface stretching across the face of these attractive natural stone cocktail tables.

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Clarien Square Cocktail Tables

A powerful mixture of subdued hues and marble medallion pieces stretches across the surface of these square cocktail tables. The result is a piece that has the rugged power of a towering mountain range, and yet also the simple beauty of artistic patterns.

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