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Cocktail Table Tops

The cocktail table tops found on this page are all hand crafted in the United States by skilled artisans working with a variety of elegant natural stone materials. These table tops are built with a light weight, nearly indestructible core, and the surface stones are treated with several coats of sealer to protect them from […]

Round Cocktail Tables

All of the round cocktail tables that you see below are hand crafted in the United States by skilled artisans using a variety of mountain born natural stone materials. These stones are precision cut into intricate mosaic pieces, and then installed in intricate patterns to create unique, eye catching round cocktail tables. We can custom […]

Stone Cocktail Tables

Natural stone has a powerful beauty that comes from its mountain born heritage. Every single tile that we hand cut for these mosaic cocktail tables is a one of a kind piece of unique natural art. Each of the individual mosaic pieces is then combined by a measured artisans hand, to create a stunning, one […]

Mosaic Cocktail Tables

The mosaic cocktail tables shown on this page are hand crafted by American artisans, using natural mountain born stone materials. These stones are precision cut into mosaic pieces, and then intricately installed into elegant eye catching patterns to create the tables you see here. We can custom craft a mosaic cocktail table to your exact […]

Custom Cocktail Tables

All of our natural stone cocktail tables are hand crafted in the United States by skilled artisans and stone designers. We build these tables to your exact size and shape specifications. You can also mix and match stones and colors, and pair the table with a matched stone base in order to completely customize the […]

Rustic Cocktail Tables

Our cocktail tables are crafted with earth born pieces of natural stone including Slate, Travertine, Granite, Marble and Onyx. These materials have a rugged, rustic quality, that gives these cocktail tables a powerful, resonating energy. Custom built to your exact size and shape specifications, all of our tables are designed with a waterproof, light weight […]

Oval Cocktail Tables

Below you will find a variety of oval cocktail tables, crafted from a wide range of stone mosaic chips, hand placed in intricate and elaborate patterns to create table tops which are both stunning and elegant. All of our oval cocktail tables are custom built to your exact specifications, ensuring that the table you get […]

Rectangular Cocktail Tables

Our rectangular cocktail tables can be custom crafted to any size you need, allowing you to choose the perfect size table for your living room or den. All of our tables are custom made, and crafted in the United States. The surface of our cocktail tables are treated multiple times with a stone sealing agent […]

Square Cocktail Tables

Here you will find a collection of our square, natural stone cocktail tables. These are great pieces for almost any living room, den, or family area, as they feature an exquisite natural stone design that can lend a sense of power and elegance to a space. All of these tables can be custom crafted into […]

Round Cocktail Tables

Our entire collection of round cocktail tables can be hand crafted and cut to your specific size and shape needs. Whether you have a small living room and just need a tiny table for the space, or require something large and expansive, allow us to custom craft your table and build exactly what your home […]

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