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Outdoor Stone Tables in Cold Weather Climates

Natural stone is a porous material that can absorb liquid and moisture into its core. The absorbency of different types of stone will vary, but they all do this to some extent. Grout used in mosaic patterns can also be very absorbent. In cold outdoor location this can be an issue, as water from rain […]

Stone Top Patio Tables

Natural stone is the perfect material for a patio table, because it is made of actual pieces of the earth itself. The material is intrinsically tied to the very ground you stand on, making it a natural complement to outdoor environments. It is particularly effective with yard and garden elements such as quarry stone walls, […]

Mosaic Stone Tables Launches New Website Design

Online Custom Table Retailer Adds New Features, Responsive Design, and Expanded Options Atlanta, Georgia – September 7th, 2016 — Mosaic Stone Tables, a PebbleArt Company that specializes in the sale of custom built table tops and bases, has just relaunched their online outlet with a suite of expanded features. This includes a fully responsive cross […]

The Benefits of Mosaic Stone Tables

The first benefit of a natural mosaic stone table is evident as soon as you take a look at one of them. From the pictures on our site you can see that there is a majestic quality to mountain born stone materials, a stately strength that is inherent to their color, form, and very presence. […]

Rustic Patio Tables

If you are looking for a table that has a rustic sense of charm and natural beauty, then you should check out our line of mosaic stone tile tables. These unique expressions of human art and natural beauty combine various pieces of real, mountain born stone, to create an array of designs and patterns that […]

Square Patio Tables

Our entire line of square stone patio tables are crafted from real pieces of natural, mountain born materials. The individual stones used are all unique, with their own distinct patterns and colors which can be seen in their surfaces, collaborating to create a one of a kind surface that is both awe inspiring and personal […]

Wholesale Stone Restaurant Tables

Our collection of natural stone restaurant tables can transform your location from a drab copy of every other eatery, into a memorable space that will stand out as being classic, classy, and elegant, long after patrons have shuffled off to home. Made from real natural stone, our wholesale restaurant tables each have a unique beauty, […]

Stone Patio Tables

Below you will find our fine selection of natural stone patio tables. Each of the table top patterns shown can be custom crafted into a piece that is the exact size, and shape that you require for your yard, deck, or patio. You can even custom choose different stone material colors, and mix and match […]

Round Patio Tables

We have a great selection of hand crafted, custom built, natural round mosaic stone patio tables, that are perfect for porches, lawns, yards, and any outdoor application that you need. Crafted from real, mountain born stone materials, our tables have unique natural features that make each surface a one of a kind work of art, […]

Rustic Bistro Tables

All of our bistro tables are hand made in the United States using some of the most beautiful, rustic stone materials available. Our tables include mosaic chips that are hand cut from mountain born pieces of Slate, Granite, Marble, Travertine, and Onyx. Each piece of natural stone features unique colors and patterns. These individual characteristics […]