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Stone Top Outdoor Patio Dining Table

Stone top outdoor patio dining tables are an excellent addition to any backyard or outdoor space. They offer a durable and elegant dining surface that is both practical and beautiful. Stone tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, making them a versatile option for any patio or deck. In this article, we […]

Maintaining Stone Coffee Tables

Stone coffee tables are a stylish and durable addition to any living room. They come in a variety of materials, such as marble, granite, and slate, and offer a natural beauty that complements any décor. While stone coffee tables are low maintenance, they do require some attention to keep them looking their best. In this […]

Round Outdoor Coffee Table

There is nothing quite like the classy elegance that you can get only from a round coffee table. Many kinds of coffee tables have become popular throughout the years but the circular shape has remained to be the most preferred by homeowners in all parts of the world for many excellent reasons. To start with, […]

Farmhouse Cocktail Table

Shopping for a new cocktail table can be quite an exciting experience these days, what with all the designs and styles that furniture manufacturers have been continuing to come up with in the last few years. No matter what your interior décor theme might be, there is no doubt that there will be scores of […]

Mosaic Outdoor Coffee Table

Mosaic patterns are among the oldest forms of art that have continued to be popular in many different forms through the centuries. They are not only found in purely decorative pieces like framed artwork to put on walls but also in practical objects like furniture. For instance, a mosaic outdoor coffee table is something that […]

Mosaic Outdoor Dining Tables

Dining tables are traditionally found inside the house but there is absolutely no rule that says you cannot place one out in your backyard or patio. Outdoor dining is an increasingly popular trend that people have been enjoying in recent years, especially in places that get a lot of warm summers that make outdoor entertaining […]

Oval Outdoor Coffee Table

No outdoor living space would be complete without a comfortable seating area where you and your family or guests can relax and enjoy the fresh air while having brunch or a cup of hot coffee. At the center of this seating area, it would be ideal to have a nice oval outdoor coffee table that […]

Patio Cocktail Table

There is something distinctly fun and novel about having an afternoon or evening cocktail outside your home, even if there is no occasion, especially if you have the perfect weather for it. However, much of the novelty of the experience can be reduced if you have to dine al fresco on a plain, old, boring […]

Stone Outdoor Coffee Table

There are few things in life that are more relaxing than enjoying your morning cup of brewed coffee while lounging in an extremely comfortable outdoor living space in your backyard and soaking up the morning sun. To complete the picture, imagine having a gorgeous stone outdoor coffee table to put your cup down on after […]

Stone Top Round Dining Table

If traditional is not what you are looking for, we suggest that you skip the wood and consider a stone top round dining table instead, like the ones that we have at Mosaic Stone Tables. It might sound like an unorthodox choice because it is. But if you are open to the idea, you will […]

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