Stone Patio Tables

Below you will find our fine selection of natural stone patio tables. Each of the table top patterns shown can be custom crafted into a piece that is the exact size, and shape that you require for your yard, deck, or patio. You can even custom choose different stone material colors, and mix and match them to create your own unique pattern.

You tell us what you need, and our team of American stone artisans and craftsmen will build the exact table that you need. All pieces are manufactured using real, earth born natural stone materials, which are applied to the outside of a light weight water proof nearly indestructible core. The stone facade is then coated multiple times in a penetrating chemical sealing agent that creates an invisible bond over their surface.

One of the best things about our patio table and table tops is that the stone used in them is natural, and therefore each piece is unique, and slightly different from any other in the world. That means that the patio table you receive will be completely individual to your home, and unlike any other table in the entire world.

All of the stone patio tables that we sell are fully rated for indoor and outdoor use, and can be employed in both warm and cold climates. Much like a stone floor the materials are durable against wind and rain, and will only weather slightly over time, adding even more personality and charm to your patio.