Round Patio Tables

We have a great selection of hand crafted, custom built, natural round mosaic stone patio tables, that are perfect for porches, lawns, yards, and any outdoor application that you need.

Crafted from real, mountain born stone materials, our tables have unique natural features that make each surface a one of a kind work of art, which will be completely unique to your home, patio, or yard.

All of the round tables and table tops that you see on this page can be completely customized to any size and shape that you need. Whether you need a large 60″ round patio table, or just a smaller side table for a porch or deck, we can customize the perfect piece for your setting.

Our round patio tables are also extremely durable. The natural stone is actually a thin facade of real materials, layered over a light weight, nearly indestructible waterproof core. The stone itself is treated multiple times with a quality sealing agent to make it resistant to rain, snow, and all weather conditions. Check out our warranty to see how much faith we have in the quality of these pieces.

All patio tables are crafted in the United States by talented stone artisans and designers!