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Wholesale Stone Restaurant Tables

Our collection of natural stone restaurant tables can transform your location from a drab copy of every other eatery, into a memorable space that will stand out as being classic, classy, and elegant, long after patrons have shuffled off to home. Made from real natural stone, our wholesale restaurant tables each have a unique beauty, […]

Restaurant Table Tops

Most tables have to be able to handle the day to day activities of a single family or group of roommates. However a restaurant table top has to be able to handle the food and drink rigorous of different groups and people every single day. That is why you have to be careful when choosing […]

Restaurant Dining Tables

The restaurant dining tables found on this site are all custom crafted from real, mountain born pieces of natural stone. The features found in these stones are unique, making every table that we sell a one of a kind expression of natural beauty, worked by human artistry and design. Our restaurant dining tables have the […]

Unique Restaurant Tables

The tables found on this site are all hand crafted by American artists and artisans, who use unique natural stone materials. These are mountain born stones, including slate, granite, limestone, marble, onyx, and travertine. The important thing to note is that the surface of all of these different stones is made by nature, not by […]