Square Patio Tables

Our entire line of square stone patio tables are crafted from real pieces of natural, mountain born materials. The individual stones used are all unique, with their own distinct patterns and colors which can be seen in their surfaces, collaborating to create a one of a kind surface that is both awe inspiring and personal to your home.

These square patio tables are manufactured by hand, and are built to the highest standards of quality so that they can resist all of the weathering and hazards of outdoor yard and porch use. The inner core of these pieces is a light weight, waterproof material that prevents cracking, while the surface stones are treated multiple times by a quality chemical barrier which serves to prevent stains and damage.

We can custom craft a square patio table to nearly any size that you need for your home. We can also customize the stones and the patterns used, as well as the height of the table, to ensure that you get the exact table that you need.

Selena Square Patio Tables

Powerful pieces of natural marble, are set in mosaic patterns to create a streaming vision of beauty and contrasting colors. The result is a table top that steals attention, drawing eyes almost hypnotically to the stunning energy of its mottled teaming surface. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and with almost any customization that you like.

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Imperial Square Patio Tables

The Imperial pattern stone tables are impressive pieces of natural earth born beauty married to the art and design of human skill. Featuring multicolored materials which have a dark, tempestuous nature, these pieces are perfect for a variety of formal, upscale patios, as well as country rustic and cottage settings.

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Clarien Square Patio Tables

The Clarien series of square patio tables features a contrasting mix of heady natural colors, and eye catching focal point motifs, to create an interplay that is both powerful, and elegant. The formal feel of this table is gentled by the rough rustic nature of its mountainous source, serving to increase that dynamic tension throughout the surrounding space.

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Castillo Square Patio Tables

Deep and murky green contrasted marble hues act as the sober stolid border of these energetic patio tables. This is then broken by windows of wild lightning, bright white bursts captures in solid stone, held for an eternity in place, as the solid square lined bricks of green, continue their stately procession of watch.

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Azul Square Patio Tables

A vigorous table, the Azul tends to be both overwhelming and subdued, with a soft hazy backdrop of tans and browns mixing with bursts of bright blinking blue. These square patio tables are manufactured in the United States and are completely customizable to your specific requirements.

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Ramses Square Patio Tables

Crafted from real natural stone materials, our outdoor patio tables are built to your exact size and shape specifications, allowing you to craft the perfect piece for your patio or lawn. Made with a light weight core, and protected by several layers of penetrating sealer, these patio tables are as functional as they are beautiful.

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