Rustic Patio Tables

If you are looking for a table that has a rustic sense of charm and natural beauty, then you should check out our line of mosaic stone tile tables. These unique expressions of human art and natural beauty combine various pieces of real, mountain born stone, to create an array of designs and patterns that are perfect for any patio, backyard, porch, or outdoor setting.

Our rustic patio tables are built using innovative waterproof and lightweight cores, that makes them impervious to freezing and structural cracking damage. The outer stones are also treated with multiple coats of a powerful pore clogging chemical sealant, that create an invisible and impervious layer of protection across the entire face of each piece. That means that these great patio tables can withstand any weather conditions and are great for indoor and outdoor use.

While the rustic patterns that you see pictured here do show some the average look of the table that you will get, each piece of every stone is also a unique creation of the earth. That means that your table will be a one of a kind, with its own distinct personality that is unlike any other in the entire world. That gives these pieces an eye catching power that can dominate an outdoor living area.

Our rustic stone patio tables are completely customizable. We can build a piece to practically any size and shape that you want, and can include an optional umbrella hole at no additional charge. They can also be mixed and matched with a variety of great base options including matched rustic stone pieces, and tuscan black metal choices. That allows you to build the exact piece that you need to complete the decorative style of your home.

All of our rustic patio tables are hand crafted right here in the United States, by a skilled team of artisans and stone masons. The materials consist of a variety of exotic slate, marble, travertine, and limestone selections, as well as semi precious onyx. These are combined in over 60 different standard patterns, which can also be customized based on your preferences.