The Benefits of Mosaic Stone Tables

Mosaic Table TopsThe first benefit of a natural mosaic stone table is evident as soon as you take a look at one of them. From the pictures on our site you can see that there is a majestic quality to mountain born stone materials, a stately strength that is inherent to their color, form, and very presence. That is the defining characteristic that makes our products so impressive. It is that marriage of natural earth and human artistry, to create something that is truly unique.

A major benefit of the mosaic stone tables that you get from us is the lightweight water proof core which rests at the center of each of them. This poly plastic material will not crack, break, or bend, ensuring that the structural integrity of your piece will never be compromised. This is even true in outdoor freezing conditions, as water will be unable to penetrate down past the surface to then turn to ice, expand, and cause damage.

When you purchase a mosaic stone tile table from us, you know that you are getting a truly one of a kind piece. That is because every single stone tile that we use is born of the earth, and contains its own unique mix of colors, patterns, and swirling hues. That means that even if someone else orders the exact same product, the two will still look slightly different, ensuring that nobody can ever fully replicate your decor.

Our table tops and bases are hand crafted in the United States, by skilled artisans that are experts in the shaping and manufacture of stone components. Every single order is custom made, and is built to your exact specifications of size and shape. Whatever you need for your interior or exterior space, can meet your requirements.

Free shipping is available to the Continental United States. Customers in other countries please contact us for freight rates. Wholesale bulk inquiries are welcome from hotels and restaurants. Let us know what you need, and we will build the perfect table for your space.