Mosaic Stone Tables Launches New Website Design

Online Custom Table Retailer Adds New Features, Responsive Design, and Expanded Options

Atlanta, Georgia – September 7th, 2016 — Mosaic Stone Tables, a PebbleArt Company that specializes in the sale of custom built table tops and bases, has just relaunched their online outlet with a suite of expanded features. This includes a fully responsive cross browser compatible design, a more secure checkout process, updated pictures, new base options, and the ability to choose whether the piece has an included umbrella hole. opened 6 years ago and immediately became the premier outlet for natural stone tile tables online. With products that featured a lightweight, waterproof, nearly indestructible core, they were able to surpass competitors offerings, while also including a lifetime guarantee on the structural integrity of their pieces.

The website was redesigned by Joseph Lewitin, the owner of PebbleArt, and the builder of outlets including,, and He spoke about this newest project saying, “The concept of Mosaic Stone Tables was already sound. It’s a successful business model that has always worked. My goal was simply to update the technology so that it would be more accessible across a greater range of devices.

Mosaic Stone Tables currently offers over 60 different pattern designs for their table tops, each of which can be custom manufactured into any of 25 different sizes and shapes. They can also be paired with a variety of matched stone bases available in coffee table, dining table, and bistro table heights. All construction is done in the United States by stone artisans and craftspeople.

For more information about PebbleArt, and Mosaic Stone Tables, contact Joseph Lewitin at