Stone Top Patio Tables

Stone Table TopsNatural stone is the perfect material for a patio table, because it is made of actual pieces of the earth itself. The material is intrinsically tied to the very ground you stand on, making it a natural complement to outdoor environments. It is particularly effective with yard and garden elements such as quarry stone walls, cobblestone flooring, and boulder displays. It also fuses delightfully into rustic and tuscan styles, where it is a stark contrast to the wrought iron and rich autumnal colors evidenced in these palettes.

With Mosaic Stone Table patio table tops, you get a piece that is crafted for outdoor use. The stones are the same used in both interior and exterior flooring, meaning that they are durable enough to withstand even harsh traffic treatment. This is reinforced by the fact that they are treated multiple times with a sealing chemical that serves to both clog their inherent pores, and create an invisible layer of protection over them.

The core of our stone patio table tops is almost as impressive as the natural mosaics themselves. The inside of every piece consists of a light weight, nearly indestructible, waterproof material, that will be impervious to liquid, and freezing damage. It also makes these tables far less heavy than other stone pieces on the market, giving you the option to easily relocate them whenever you feel it is necessary.

Mosaic stone tables offers our products in a variety of sizes and shapes. Each and every color pattern in our catalog can be customized into over 25 different configurations. We can also do special orders if you need something bigger, smaller, or in a different shape than offered on our product pages. That means that we can craft the perfect furnishing for your patio no matter the configuration or limitations of space and design.

Crafted in the united states by stone masons and artisans, and built using exotic imported stone materials, or stone top patio tables are the highest quality pieces on the market. Lightweight, durable, and reliable, they are the perfect accompaniment to nearly any style, and they are designed to handle almost any environment.