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Outdoor Stone Tables in Cold Weather Climates

Natural stone is a porous material that can absorb liquid and moisture into its core. The absorbency of different types of stone will vary, but they all do this to some extent. Grout used in mosaic patterns can also be very absorbent. In cold outdoor location this can be an issue, as water from rain […]

Stone Top Patio Tables

Natural stone is the perfect material for a patio table, because it is made of actual pieces of the earth itself. The material is intrinsically tied to the very ground you stand on, making it a natural complement to outdoor environments. It is particularly effective with yard and garden elements such as quarry stone walls, […]

Outdoor Stone Tables

Our natural, hand crafted stone outdoor tables are built using precision cut tiles which are adhered to a highly durable, waterproof, light weight core. Once they have been properly installed, the tiles are then sealed seven times in order to ensure that the stone is protected against damage from rain, wind, and inclement weather conditions. […]

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