Custom Patio Tables

If you are looking to custom build a patio table for your outdoor environment then you’ve come to the right place. Our line of mosaic stone tables consists of over 60 different standard patterns which make use of dozens of exotic natural stone marble and onyx pieces, to create unique designs that will enhance your home and inspire your imagination. All of these pieces can be custom manufactured to your exact specifications.

Whether you are looking for a round, square, or oval patio table, we can take any of our standard designs and build them to the exact size and shape specifications that you require. We can also do custom sizes if you need something specific for a patio with limited room, or larger than average specs., and they are available standard in over a dozen different dimensions.

You can further customize your patio table by option for an umbrella hole. That can be a stylish addition that makes the piece more functional by giving you the ability to embed a little shade into the formation of the structure. At the same time it can be used to complement the unique colors found in the surface of each of these innovative designs.

Our custom patio tables are great for an interior or exterior location. They are built using a waterproof, lightweight core, that makes it easy to maneuver them anywhere you need, while also protecting them from freezing and structural cracking damage.  The stone surface is also treated with both a penetrating pore clogging sealant, and a barrier chemical, that helps by creating a clear coating over the surface to prevent stains and damage. This can be reapplied annually as desired.

We’re also happy to craft custom patio tables for exterior dining locations, hotels, lounges, and coffee bars that are looking for designs that can take  their business to the next level.  Whatever the needs of your business, or your home, our custom designed tables will find a fitting place where they will be welcomed for years to come.