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Dining Table Tops

The dining table tops that you see on this page are all custom crafted in the United States from real pieces of mountain born mosaic stone. The individual mosaic pieces used all have unique, natural patterns and colors, which unite to form one of a kind table tops that will elevate the style and elegance […]

Round Dining Tables

On this page you will find our entire collection of round dining tables. All of our tables are crafted in the United States, using a variety of mountain born natural stone materials, which are hand cut down into precise mosaic shapes, in order to create the unique pieces you see here. Any of the round […]

Stone Dining Tables

Our natural stone dining tables are an elegant enchantment that can bring the fierce and provocative beauty of natural stone tiles, into your dining area, infusing the space with majestic splendor. Choose from over 70 different designs, each of which can be manufactured into nearly any size and shape you desire. All of our mosaic […]

Mosaic Dining Tables

The individual mosaic chips found in the surface of all of our dining tables are precision cut by American craftsmen, from unique pieces of natural, mountain born stone. Each piece has unique, natural colors and patterns that can be found in its surface, which combine to create one of a kind dining tables which are […]

Custom Dining Tables

Below you will find our entire catalog of natural stone dining tables. These patterns can all be custom crafted into virtually any size and shape that you like. You can then combine the top with your choice of custom dining base, to create the perfect piece for your home. Hand crafted in the United States […]

Rustic Dining Tables

The dining tables found on this page feature rustic, natural stone materials, which are hand cut and shaped into precise mosaic patterns. Each piece of stone used is a natural creation of the earth, with its own unique colors and patterns. These combine to create rugged, majestic dining tables that have a sense of individual […]

Natural Stone Dining Tables

Hand crafted in the United States by skilled stone designers. Made from cascading hues of multicolored mountain born natural stone material. Designed with a nearly indestructible light weight core which is also water proof. Sealed multiple times in order to protect the surface of the table from stains. We can custom craft a natural stone […]

Rectangular Dining Tables

Below you will find pictures of a variety of rectangular dining tables. These tables are hand crafted from real pieces of natural, mosaic stone. The result is a series of tables that are elegant and stylish, with a distinct personality that is unique to each piece we create. Any of the dining tables you find […]

Oval Dining Tables

Our oval tables are some of the most beautiful dining tables that you can purchase. Crafted from a variety of hand cut mosaic stone pieces, these tables are a complex and attractive centerpiece that can add a stylistic elegance to your home. Any of the tables that you find in our catalog are fully customizable, […]

Square Dining Tables

Here you will find a collection of our square, natural stone cocktail tables. These are great pieces for almost any living room, den, or family area, as they feature an exquisite natural stone design that can lend a sense of power and elegance to a space. All of these tables can be custom crafted into […]

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