Firenze Beige Natural Stone Tables




Firenze Beige Mosaic Stone Table Pattern

A unique, natural stone table will be crafted to your exact size and shape specifications

Built using a durable, water proof core that makes these tables lighter than any other pieces of natural stone furniture

This design is comprised of contrasting pieces of natural travertine mosaic tiles

The stone table top is sealed multiple times to protect it from heat, cold, and weather making these great tables for both indoor and outdoor settings

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Natural Stone Tables

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24" Round, 30" Round, 36" Round, 42" Round, 48" Round, 54" Round, 60" Round, 24" Round Oval, 30" Round Oval, 36" Round Oval, 42" Round Oval, 48" Round Oval, 54" Round Oval, 60" Round Oval, 24" Square, 30" Square, 36" Square, 42" Square, 48" Square, 54" Square, 60" Square, 24" X 40" Oval, 42" X 76" oval, 42" X 84" Oval, 48" X 84" Oval, 24" X 40" Rectangle, 42" X 76" Rectangle, 42" X 84" Rectangle, 48" X 84" Rectangle

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