Alessa Metal Table Bases



The beauty of real, welded aluminum, is the perfect compliment to many of our rustic natural stone table tops. Rising in a solid four pillar design, the elegant curve of the various components creates an upwards aesthetic that will compliment the table top, while the soft brown hues are a great backdrop for many of our stone and tile mosaic table designs.These Alessa table bases are designed for use with square and round table tops that are 48″ in diameter or less. If you are choosing a larger table, then we have a variety of oversized and elongated matched stone bases that may fit your needs.

These table bases are available in the lovely powder brown finish shown here, and measure 28″ Wide X 28″ Long X 28″ in height, making them perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, or used as a bistro or patio table base.

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