Outdoor Stone Tables in Cold Weather Climates

Natural stone is a porous material that can absorb liquid and moisture into its core. The absorbency of different types of stone will vary, but they all do this to some extent. Grout used in mosaic patterns can also be very absorbent. In cold outdoor location this can be an issue, as water from rain and humidity can sink into the material, and then when the weather turns cold it can freeze, expand, and crack your table top in half.

How Does MosaicStoneTables Solve This Problem?

All of our natural stone tables are built with a revolutionary poly plastic core that is virtually indestructible and completely waterproof. Even if water manages to seep down into the stone it will just hit that center and be repelled, protecting the structural integrity of the entire piece. This also makes out tables relatively lightweight at only about 8 pounds per square foot.

Natural Stone TablesIn addition to this, we also treat the surface of the natural stone mosaic pieces we use in our tables multiple times with a penetrating sealant. This goes down and clogs the pores in the material, making it impossible for rain and water to get into the core of the pieces. This can be effective for as long as a year, although we do recommend reapplication in cold weather outdoor locations. Sealant for stone can be purchased at any local hardware store.

Our mosaic stone tables are designed for outdoor use, and are built to last. Handcrafted in the United States, they are manufactured using only quality materials, many of which are sourced from the exotic corners of the earth. All tables are custom built to your needs, and we are happy to offer discounts for those with bulk or multiple item purchase inquiries.