Roma Oval Oversized Stone Table Bases


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The Roma oval table base is very much like the standard Roma design except that this is a much longer, larger piece, that is designed to work with rectangular and oval table tops.

The actual table base is built matched to the specific table top that you choose, and the same stones, and the same pattern will be used in its construction, creating an integrated table that is stylish, attractive, and unlike any other in the entire world.

The Roma oval table base is treated multiple times with a powerful below surface sealing agent before it is shipped. This creates an invisible barrier over the stone that allows it to be used in both interior, and exterior spaces.

Attractive, elegant, and powerful, these stone table bases are built using a durable, waterproof, light weight core that makes them resistant to inner cracks, as well as water erosion. It also makes our tables lighter than any other stone tables on the market.

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