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The Katy, metal mosaic table bases are made from real brushed aluminum materials, for a stylish and sophisticated look. Rising up in a four pillar design, they have a sleek and agile feel, that can help to compliment the look of the table top that you choose. At the same time they are available in two colors, a gentle earthen brown, and antique black, letting you match the backdrop of the base to the specific look of your particular table.

These table bases measure 23″ Wide X 23″ Long X 28″ Height creating a tall, slim profile that is great for bistro tables, patio pieces, kitchen tables, and dining room settings. However this base cannot be used with a table top that is greater than 48″ in diameter or length. If you are looking for larger tables, or longer pieces, then you can check out our fine collection of oversized matched stone bases.

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Brown, Antique Black


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