Care and Maintenance

The tables that you see on this website are hand crafted in the United States by talented artisans and fabricators who use only the finest, high quality, hand picked natural stone materials in every design they produce.


A patented light weight, extremely durable, and 100% water proof core ensures that these are the most durable and crack resistant tables on the market.

All stones are treated multiple times with a penetrating below surface sealer that protects them against moisture and damage from the elements.

The grout we use is specially formulated to be stain proof and resistant to penetrating liquids.

Every natural stone table we produce is engineered to withstand extremes of both heat and cold, ensuring that these tables can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.


In order to maintain the beauty and luster of your natural stone table top you should apply a penetrating natural stone surface sealer annually. This will protect the stone from spills and stains while creating an invisible barrier over the entire surface of the table.

Stone sealing agents can be purchased from most local hardware and do it yourself stores.

While the extremely durable light weight core at the center of these tables is nearly indestructible, the natural stone mosaics that line it can be chipped if the table is dropped or smashed into a hard surface. Care should be used when moving these pieces.

Cleaning Instructions

The nature of the construction of these tables, as well as the penetrating sealer which is applied to their surface multiple times, ensures that these pieces are resistant to stains and damage. However, the nature of the material is such that spills should be wiped up promptly when they occur. Certain liquids, especially citric juices and red wine, can affect the chemical structure of the natural stone materials if left on their surface for a prolonged period of time.

Routine cleaning of your tabletop can be accomplished by using a mild liquid dish soap diluted in a water solution. Do not use harsh chemical cleansers or ammonia when cleaning these pieces.